MOVING ONTO MOTHERHOOD (M.O.M.) is a program for women who wish to gain knowledge and support for adjusting to the challenges brought about by motherhood. Maternal identity is activated with pregnancy and the birth of a child. 

During this critical time, most women experience deep emotional feelings about themselves, their partners and their families of origin. MOVING ONTO MOTHERHOOD is aimed at supporting and enhancing a woman's experience of this new developmental life stage. 

Who is M.O.M. for?

MOVING ONTO MOTHERHOOD is for expectant and new mothers with concerns about:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Transitioning into the parenting role
  • Balancing the needs of child, partner and self
  • Marital/family stress
  • Shifts in female identity
  • Body image issues around pregnancy
  • Fear of loss of control and independence
  • Embracing the joys and uncertainties of motherhood