Additional Information

Individual Therapy- is a collaborative and creative process where individuals can explore their complex inner worlds.  This helps to develop understanding about what pulls one to think, feel, and act in ways that are not serving him/her well, and to engage in new behaviors that create more adaptive ways of being.  Individual therapy helps to resolve issues related to depression, anxiety, self-esteem and professional empowerment, physical and sexual abuse, relationship issues and parenting.

Adolescents- like many adults in progress, adolescents often have parts of themselves that are well developed and aspects of themselves that need further maturation.  Therapy with adolescents is centered around supporting one's increasing need for autonomy and self-expression as well as maintaining connection to family and others who can help provide perspective and guidance.  Many adolescents use therapy to address issues related to self-esteem, separation and individuation, peer relations, assertiveness, body image, sexual health and achievement.

Couples Therapy- helps couples recognize and understand individual and mutual attachment needs.  The very struggles one encounters with their partner is often an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.  Couples work encompasses premarital and first year issues as well as reproductive, parenting, intimacy and trust issues.

Maternal Mental Health- is a clinical specialty that helps women and their families throughout the perinatal period.  The focus is often on emotional transitions during pregnancy and early motherhood, postpartum anxiety and depression, maternal identity and attachment issues.  Clients are supported through reproductive challenges and losses.